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  Technology & Media Services (TMS)

Audio/Visual Request (Faculty/Staff only)

This form is for faculty and staff only. Students and student groups should contact Jacqui Pilgrim, director of student services (Ext. 7401), unless the request is for a required presentation, in which case the professor should submit the request.
Failure to submit this form at least 24 hours in advance of the event may jeopardize fulfillment of the request.

Sorry, offsite AV setups are not available.

Dates must be in the form mm/dd/yyyy      example: 09/02/2009
What class or event is this request for?          
          Check here if this is a recurring request.

What do you need?

          I need to show a PowerPoint presentation or a web page.
                  (comes with Internet connection & projector)
          I would like a Smart Podium / Sympodium Setup.
                  (comes with Internet connection & projector)
          I need an overhead projector.
          I need to play a video.
          My class/event needs to be recorded.
          I need a microphone.
          I need a telephone.
          I need to setup a conference.
          I need to setup a call center (staff only).
          I need something else not listed here.